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From: (C. Ward Henson) Subject: A New Book in Nonstandard Analysis

Announcing the publication of....

NONSTANDARD ANALYSIS: Theory and Applications

eds. Leif Arkeryd, Nigel Cutland, C. Ward Henson

        Kluwer Academic Publishers: NATO ASI Series, Series C, 
        Vol 493; ISBN 0-7923-4586-X.

This volume contains revised versions of the 12 lecture courses given at the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Nonstandard Analysis and its Applications, Edinburgh, July 1996. In its first four chapters, this book presents a careful and detailed introduction to the methodology of nonstandard analysis and the foundations of its use in analysis, topology, probability theory and stochastic analysis. The remaining eight chapters cover recent, more advanced applications in functional analysis, stochastic differential equations, mathematical physics, and mathematical finance theory.

Information for ordering individual copies may be obtained via the Kluwer Web site:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Copies for classroom use are available at the special rate of US$40 per copy, provided five or more copies are ordered and paid for at one time. A statement must be provided by the lecturer that the volume will be adopted as a textbook for a specific course or meeting. The volumes will be mailed to one single address. Pre-payment must be made by a single check in US Dollars drawn on a US bank or by travelers cheques to the order of NATO PCO. Since NATO PCO is not a sales agent and only co-ordinates tutorial orders on behalf of NATO and the publishers, any other form of payment will be rejected. This special rate also includes the costs of handling and mailing by surface mail. To order such copies, contact

     NATO-PCO, Publication Coordination Office, Elcerlyclaan 2
               B-3090 Overijse, BELGIUM
     Tel: +32-2-687.66.36                 FAX: +32-2-687.98.82
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Participants in this NATO ASI (July, 1996) will receive a free copy of this book.


C. Ward Henson: Foundations of Nonstandard Analysis - A gentle introduction to nonstandard extensions

Nigel Cutland: Nonstandard Real Analysis

Peter Loeb: Nonstandard Analysis and Topology

David Ross: Loeb Measure and Probability

Manfred Wolff: An Introduction to Nonstandard Functional Analysis

Eric Benoit: Applications of Nonstandard Analysis in Ordinary Differential Equations

Renling Jin: Better Nonstandard Universes with Applications

Tom Lindstrom: Internal Martingales and Stochastic Integration

H. Jerome Keisler: Stochastic Differential Equations with Extra Properties

Ekkehard Kopp: Hyperfinite Mathematical Finance

Leif Arkeryd: Applications of NSA to Mathematical Physics

Marek Capinski: A Nonstandard Approach to Hydromechanics

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