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Welcome to my homepage!

(This page under permanent dialectical construction.)

I'm Philip Apps, a consultant at Talus . I was born in London in 1969, to a mother from Zimbabwe and father from the U.K. I grew up in Chelmsford, Essex, and got my BA in mathematics at Queen's College, at Oxford University. I worked for a year at HR Wallingford as a mathematical modeller, then started a Math PhD at UC Berkeley, where I lived at International House. After a couple of years, I transferred to UW-Madison , where I got my Math PhD, with a minor in economics . My thesis topic was nonstandard analysis, and my economics courses were focused on microeconomics and game theory. I'm a supporter of the British Labour Party. My roomate in Madison was Tolya Karp.

I was a TA at Madison, and a member of the TAA , the TA's union there.

My sister Rudo Supple has a homepage.


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