Nix Nada in...

Nada Goes to Washington

The scene : A campaign office for a US senate race. Everyone is very depressed.

Campaign Worker 1: We dropped another 5% in the polls yesterday. There's just no way we can defeat Senator Kickback.

CW 2: What about all our policies to cut defence spending, tax the rich, feed the hungry and house the homeless?

CW 1: Exactly! We don't get any major corporate donations, so Kickback can simply buy masses of TV time to ridicule our positions.

CW 3: Yeah, the election's tomorrow and he's bought 30 minutes on KBLA. He'll win for sure with all that advertising.

CW 1: So how much time can we afford to buy?

CW 3: 30 seconds.

CW 2: Only one thing for it. We'll have to get Nix Nada to write our commercial.

All: What do we have to lose? Let's do it.

And so......

That night, in the home of a typical family....

Typical Mom: Well, that was a good episode of 'Roseanne'. What's on next, TD?

Typical Dad: (consults TV guide) A message from Senator Kickback, it says here.

Screen goes completely black.

TD: Oh no, the TV's broken. (Hits TV). Yup, it's completely gone. (Switches TV off)

TM: Let's go bowling instead.

TD (and T Kids): Great idea!

And the next day...

TV: ...and in a surprise result, Senator Kickback has been defeated, despite a massive last-night ad campaign. Kickback blamed a negative ad by Nix Nada, who was unavailable for comment.


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