The scene : Metropolis, home of the Son of Krypton. We are in a deserted car lot. Rubbish, pulled by the wind, circles lazily in an unsquare dance. There is a blur of motion, and the Man of Steel appears, standing, arms folded, at the western end of the lot. The setting sun illumines his red cape with crimson fire.

SUPERMAN : I know you're here Nada! Come then, face me if that is your desire! Your antisocial activites in forests are a danger to all humanity! Your evil machinations, plotting to destroy the forests of America by getting the Pentagon to blow them up has failed, and now you must pay!

There is no reply, only the rustle of the wind.

SUPERMAN : You can't hide from me Nada! My x ray vision leaves nowhere safe!

Still, there is nothing.

SUPERMAN (thinks): ....nowhere safe...nowhere...NOWHERE! He's nowhere! By krypton, this Nix Nada is invincible!


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