Nix Nada in..... Nix-Net!
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Doktor Doom : Bilge! Come here Bilge!
Bilge : Uuuuhhh?
Doktor Doom : No Bilge, stop slavering you fool! Look! With the technology of the Internet, I can gather information on any topic I choose! Major governments will rue the day that Doktor Doom plugged in his modem! To the Information Superhighway!
Bilge : Duh?
Doktor Doom : Hmmmm.... there are no URLs on World Domination .... Dammit.....Cooking?.......Insurance Schemes? ....... Dah! There's Nada on the Web after all!
Bilge : Nada? NADA!
Doktor Doom : AiiiiiI! That Schemer has foiled me again! BUT HOW COULD HE HAVE KNOWN?


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